The Gambler's Last Waltz

or: The Gambler's God of Fortune

With my skill at numbers I could earn an honest wage
With my taste for elocution I could make it on the stage
I care not for honest earning though great riches it may bring
For any gambler'll tell you, it's the GAME that is the thing.

I'd wager all my pay, on a true dark horse's run
I'd bet on which of twins will be the first to see the sun,
I'll calculate the odds of it raining here at noon
But still I will go crazy if we don't start playing soon


Oh child of luck, I don't need your favors
I'll win my own game, with just my own labours
It's true when you smile I can win every call
But then when you frown I will sure lose it all
I'd bet forty crown that the king he is crazy,
I'd bet forty more that the lord mayor is lazy,
I'd bet my whole life, on a friend that is true
But Changling, I'll not bet a penny on you!

But since we're still here waiting I will tell you all a tale
Of why I'm sort of shaky, and the reason I am pale.
On my way here to the barracks I met a tattered child
She was cute as any other, but it froze me when she smiled

She looked at me with sorrow and it gave me quite a fright
And then she said "I'm sorry, but I'll make something go right."
I figure I can't lose tonight, but don't let it make you cry
For sometime shortly coming up, I'm almost sure to die.


If you've seen Viashi cards, you've see this child's face.
Her portrait's painted on them, in the youngest god-card's place.
They all call her the Changling, God of gamblers and of fools,
For the only thing she's constant at is breaking all the rules!

I've never heard of good to come of talking to a god.
To have a goddess pity me, requires a future flawed!
I know my time is short, for I have felt the Changling's hand
So I'll spend it now in gaming and in winning all I can!

Copyright © 1995 Michelle Bottorff