Flame and Steel


From the Brotherhood of the Black Flag

Cold and reserved, I'm made of steel
Unable to utter the things that I feel
Still standing strong, of warmth I'm bereft
Doing my duty is all I have left.

Bonnie Anne
I was born a pirate's daughter, I was bred to take command
All that I am I freely offer: warrior's heart and killer's hand.
He without the strength to stay me, will be trampled as I pass
I'm forthright but often angry, not a gentle loving lass

You are a flame, burning so bright
So fierce in pursuing what you deem as right
No fear of fire need hold us apart
You can't consume me, you just warm my heart.

Bonnie Anne
You are quiet, calm and dauntless, slow to anger, quick to act
I admire your strength in stillness, holding firm when you're attacked.
Should I rant and rave and savage, you would stand there through it all
Break my rage with calm decision, and then catch me as I fall.

Bonnie Anne:  And then catch me as I fall.
Silver:  You warm my heart

Copyright © 2007 Michelle Bottorff