Dark Eyes

MIDI, Score, Mp3

Tune is an adaptaion of the folksong "Black is the Color"

Dark, dark, dark your eyes, and proud your head.
My father wishes you were dead,
But I saw you once while out hunting the deer,
And I will never lure you here.

When I stopped for a drink from the crystal stream
I saw -- reflection of a dream--
Your delicate form, more lovely far than song.
When I looked up then you were gone.

I wish your mane was not so white.
I wish your horn did not shine bright.
For I greatly fear what my father means to do.
And ev'ry night I dream of you.

Dark, dark, dark, the eyes I saw in the stream
But he saw only money sheen.
A unicorn's horn must command a princely sum.
Yet still I will not bid you come.

For I'm lost in the darkness of your eyes.

Copyright © 1997 Michelle Bottorff