Cherry Blossoms


When the nightingale sings his song high among the trees,
And the scent of cherry blossoms is floating on the breeze
One evening in the setting sun, when all the world is still--
Then will come my true love, a riding up the hill.

He comes to me in silence, and goes that self-same way
He is with me for a little while, but he can never stay.
The knowledge that he's coming to me in rapture throws--
But it can't make up for the pain it gives me when he goes.

My father is my father's foe, and they have fought for years;
The ancient feuds of long ago now cause me countless tears.
I often wish my love would come and carry him away--
To some far land beyond the sea where father has no say.

So when the cherry blossoms bloom and song birds fill the air
I'll look yonder for my love, I know that he'll be there.
He always comes in blossom time to be with me again--
The cherry blossoms bring me joy, they also bring me pain.

Copyright © 1986 Michelle Bottorff