Wild the Blossoms and Free


Along the strand, and by the sea
There grow great fields of flowers.
That often sing soft songs to me,
As do the gentle showers.
I envy them, the blossoms wild,
For once like they was I
I swayed with every breeze so mild
And danced beneath the sky
Am - G - / - Em - - x 4

Wild, wild, wild, wild
Wild the blossoms and free
Gone, gone, gone, gone
Gone is my heart from me.
Am - G Am / - - G Am
/- - G Am / E FE Am -

A top the hills at mountain's feet
And in each forest glade
They make each sunlit meadow sweet
And perfume every shade
They laugh at ever passer-by
They weep at clouds above,
Yet happier and sadder I
For I have fall'n in love.


They grow in clumps all jeweled bright
Of sapphire, ruby, gold
But living not dead is their light
An inner glow they hold
So I need neither gold nor gems
My hands the grasses part
Then braid into my hair the stems
And seek my missing heart.


Copyright © 1989 Michelle Bottorff