Witnesses Walloped

by Jonathan Turner and Robin Holly
(ttto Witnesses' Waltz by Leslie Fish)


Twelve thousand, half-million, million and more
Stacked up like cordwood along the sea shore
Nobody knows us, we're always at hand [this line changes with each verse]
The extras who die when the meteors land.

Come along Harry and Mary and Bob
It may not be Shakespeare but, hey, it's a job
We'll wear any costume, we'll play any part
And we're even willing to die for our art

Chorus- 3rd line
It's not the career that our agents had planned

We've the biggest F/X of the summer you'll see
It's on the big screen, it's not on your TV
So come to the movies, eat popcorn, drink Coke
And see us reduced to two boots and some smoke

Chorus- 3rd line
For the price of a ticket, you can see our last stand

The critics ignore us, the media tries
But who'd watch a movie where nobody dies?
The film may lack acting and drama and plot--
But a few million corpses make up for a lot

Chorus- 3rd line
Without our cadavers, the film would be panned

So come let's go earn us a paycheck today
When the world's biggest fireball blows us away
We'll meet our deaths proudly, as custom defines
And the next time the Earth dies, we'll hope for some lines

Chorus- same as first