Welcome to KidFilk

This is designed to be a kid friendly music site. It can be used by children as young as two. (I know because my own two year old loves to use it.) Filk music is the folk music of science fiction and fantasy fandom. Although some care has been taken to try and avoid things that are likely to offend, if songs about fantasy or songs about science are offensive to you, you will not want your children navigating the site. Also, some of the songs that are eventually going to end up in the big kids section involve some action/adventure and also some sad material. These will be marked (see "Older Kids page", below) so that children who do not like that sort of thing can avoid them.

Although the site is mostly self contained, there are text links on some of the pages that lead to the rest of my site, and also a few to the websites of some of the other contributing songwriters. I do not think this will be a problem -- my entire site is family friendly, and so are those of most of the contributors -- but if it happens (unlikely, but possible) to a younger child, they may become lost and need assistance in getting back to KidFilk.

This site consists of five Sections, the Home Page, the Featured Song page, the Older Kids page (also called the complete kidfilk listing), My R-1AD, and this Information Page. There are also lyric pages for each individual song on the site.

The Home Page provides large visual links to the other portions of the site. Below these, pictures and titles are linked to MIDI files of 16 songs. Because the some of the songs are new words sung to public domain tunes, the song you hear may not appear to match the title. This is not an error, as you will see if you follow small text links below link to individual song lyric pages. Lyric pages also have links to the midi files, and the mus files (more about these under My R-1AD,) and occationally text links to the author's websites.

The Featured Song page is the lyric page of a specific song I have chosen to feature. This page works exactly like all the song lyric pages.

The Older Kids page is a listing of all the songs on my site that I consider kid friendly. Because this page is intended to have a broader selection of songs than on the other two pages, songs are marked with mood icons so that the children may pick and choose the styles they like best. The song picture links to a midi file, and the song title links to the song's lyric page.
This is the song mood icon key:
 Songs with Hand movements/actions
 Lullabies and Quiet Songs
 Fun and Funny Songs
 Songs that Make you Think
 Adventurous Songs -- Some violence
 Sad or Depressing Songs

My R-1AD is a page designed to work with the Myriad Music Plugin. This plugin allows the computer to sing the words of the song to your child. The sound quality isn't spectacular, and my older children complain, but my younger children really seem to like it. That is why the My R-1AD page is set up with the same format as the main page. The only difference is that clicking on the pictures does nothing (Sorry, I couldn't get the plugin to use them) and so you must click on the song title.

The songs all download as soon as you load the page, (and they show a green "Loading" message until the file is loaded in.) These .mus files are larger than midi files, and so will take longer to load, but they are MUCH smaller than mp3 files, (or any other audio format). When the title shows blue, it can be clicked on. The song title bar will then turn orange for a while while your plugin figures out how to sing the song. Songs with more words take longer to calculate before singing, but the speed of this calculation is based on your computer's speed, not on the speed of your dial-up connection. When the computer is ready to start singing, the title bar will turn blue and the song will start. If you wish to stop a song before it is done, click on the title bar again. Clicking on another song title will stop the song currently being sung, and cause the new song to start it's calculations, but if you do this too many times the plugin will run out of memory and will complain/crash. (If there is no title, only a red error message, the plug in could not find the appropriate file, please contact me so I know I need to fix it.)

If you follow the links to the lyric pages, you can use this same myriad music plugin to view, download and print sheet music of these songs. Many of these songs are arranged with simple accompanyments using instruments that are frequently found in the homes of musical kids -- like keyboards, recorders and xylophones.

Michelle Bottorff -- "Lady Lavender", the maintainer of this site, is a mother with six children. She welcomes contributions from her fellow filkers although she does require that the words be suitable to children, and that the tune be available for posting. She also welcomes comments from visitors, especially news about broken links, or suggestions on how she can make her site friendlier and easier to use. She further notes: "the songs on the main page and the My R-1AD page may change from time to time. If I remove a song that your young child particularly likes, feel free to email me and ask me to put it back. Without this kind of feedback, I can only go by which songs my children like best, which may not be the same as the ones your children like."

All the songs on these pages are used with permission, and are copyrighted to their individual authors.