Lady Lavender

Lady Lavender is a  brunette of medium height, with pale skin, blue/grey eyes and a volutuous figure, somewhat heavier than is considered healthy.  Her face is oval and she wears glasses.  Although her waist legnth hair is frequently braided, wavy whisps always seem to be sticking out all over.

Lady Lavender (Michelle Bottorff) was introduced to filking early in 1990, at Life, the Universe and Everything, BYU's Science Fiction and Fantasy Symposium. Photocopied song sheets were handed out, and the few people who knew songs led the rest in singlongs. (Unlike typical singalong filksings, many of these songs had original tunes... "Pride of Chanur" and "Beware of the Sentient Chili" particularly stand out in her memory.) This activity was a enlightening experience, as Lavender was an enthusiastic (if unplublished) writer, who often included song lyrics in her stories, but had never bothered to compose tunes to the more fantastic lyrics (as opposed to folk style lyrics) as she had assumed there was no audience for it. Gradually she began to create more and more tunes for her fantasy songs, and eventually composed some filksongs that were not based on her story worlds -- such as "Before the Break", "Warrior Maid: or the Crone's Contribution" and "Never Wed a Wizard". However she did not become active in the filking community until 1996 when she organized monthly housefilks in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. These are still taking place, although she moved away in 1998.

Lady Lavender plays an English Concertina somewhat indifferently, and is a reasonably strong singer, who enjoys harmonizing with other filkers. Her songs are predominantly to original tunes, and her specialty is "childrens' songs and lullabies". A couple of her songs have been published, "Why Does that Make Me So Strange" in Xenofilkia, and "Drive the Sun" in Thus Filked Zarathustra. She has no recording available commercially, but you can find some online at her website. She also occationaly composes tunes to other people's lyrics. Despite poor health Lady Lavender still attempts to be an active participant in the mid-Ohio area, and can generally be found at OVFF.

When not filking she writes Fantasy and Science Fiction (and keeps a diary and some worldbuilding notes online at her L. Shelby, Writer webpage), does crafts, goes to SCA events when healthy enough, does a lot of email and occationally builds websites. Her husband, Boyd, is a gamer, and she has six children and a dog.

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