Mary Crowell

Svelte and sultry with long dark hair.

Mary Crowell has been playing piano by ear since she was eight, and composed her first peice of music (for clarinet) in 7th grade. She has a D.M.A., and claims that she kept sane while spending all that time hitting the books, by writing songs that weren't to set theory. This is how she came to write torch songs about gaming. After she played "Magnus Retail" (about one of her husbands icky NPC alchemists), in a band in a LARP, two of her friends immediately explained filk to her, had her listen to some Tom Smith songs, they also paid her way to GAFfilk 2001.

Mary Crowell is an excellent singer and keyboard wizard. She also plays the clarinet and harmonica, and has just started taking guitar lessons. She made such a good impression at her filk debut, that the next year GaFilk asked her to be the featured performer at the banquet.

She can befound at the monthly GaFilk housefilks as well as the GaFilk convention and OVFF. She also has a concert at Confulence in July.

Featured Songs

Magnus Retail

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