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 The twin cities from orbit
The Twin Cities, Minneapolis (left) and St.Paul (right) circa 1978
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Originally known as L-5 Minnesota, the Minnesota Space Frontier Society (MN SFS) is the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area's space technology, education, research and development resource center. We began in 1979 as L-5 Minnesota, a chapter of the National L-5 Society (founded in 1975) and we sought to be the area's principal resource for educating the general public about the benefits of space technology as well as aiding and updating the local public and private school's curricula. In 1983-84 school year we participated in a $50,000 C.Q.E. grant to upgrade the science curricula of Public School District 281. Our representatives have regularly participated in the annual cycles of Science Fairs in this state. Our staff of speakers continues to volunteer for many of our local private and public schools. Education has been a principal part of our Philosophy and goals since our beginning.

On January 28, 1986 we all found out emotionally what we already knew intellectually, the High Road can cost a lot more than just megabucks. Neither NASA nor were we daunted and we honor all "Heroes of the Dream". The following year the expanded International L-5 Society merged with the National Space Society in order to achieve 'critical mass' and get the space program in high gear. L-5 Minnesota became the Minnesota Space Frontier Society the next year, 1988. What we got was more Proxmire and Mondale and Wellstone. Apparently the politicians were daunted. Our Political Section now feels quite oppressed. In the 90's spirit of downsizing and streamlining with hopes of turning these technologies to the world's greater good in the next millennium we transform again combining old and new in our revitalized MN SFS. The two-fold message to our anti-NASA leaders is this: conservation is not enough to stop Global Warming and Acid Rain, only conversion holds the Pollution Solution and that without vision even the American Frontier Spirit will perish.

L-5 Minnesota and its later incarnations have also donated time and money to space technology Research and we have helped to advance space technology in order achieve the goals of stopping pollution and promoting space colonization. Locally we have worked particularly often in the area of Space Shuttle External Tank reuse. Minnesota has a number of businesses involved in space industries in various parts the state.

Our goal with this website is to create a node in the infosphere to network Minnesota educational institutions, businesses, and the general public with the best space technology electronic resources available to interested and concerned Minnesotans. We'd love to have your help!

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Currently we have meetings once a month where we discuss Space topics, plan local events, and work out organizational operations. Everyone is invited-- no membership requirement, no charge. Visit our online calendar to find the time and location of the next meeting.

MN SFS Staff
 Name and
 E-mail and
 Phone #
 David Buth, Secretary
 5120 Ewing Avenue North
 Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
 W (612) 333-1872
 H (952) 994-0668
 Tom Greenwalt, Executive Director
 W (763) 784-6244
 H (763) 442-6015
 Ben Huset
 132 Morris St. NW
 New Brighton, MN 55112 
 H (651) 631-1987
 Jeff Root
 48 - 27th Ave. S.E., #4
 Mpls, Mn. 55414
 H (612) 375-1539
 Rich Brown, Computer Administration
 W (612) 730-9851


Jim Cran (651) 459-5668
Ben Huset (651) 631-1987
David Buth (612) 333-1872


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