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FMARS Web Cams
Thanks for checking in to see what is happening
NOW at the FMARS hab.

latest pic from cam1
T.B.A. cam #1

latest pic from cam2
T.B.A. cam #2

latest pic from cam3
T.B.A. cam #3

latest pic from cam4
T.B.A. cam #4

latest pic from cam5
T.B.A. cam #5
latest pic from tba cam6
T.B.A. cam #6

All times are Canadian Central Time ????

2009 Crew Bios
Name Speciality
W. Vernon Kramer Crew member
Joseph Palaia Crew member
Stacy Cusack Crew member
Kristine Ferrone Crew member
Brian Shiro Crew member
Christy Garvin Crew Member

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Note: this pics are fed only as our resources permit.

If the laptops are needed elsewhere the pics won't be updated till later.

Also our internet connection leaves something to be desired.

This page 'should' refresh every 3 min with new pics.

Welcome to The Mars Society - To Explore and Settle the New World. Image courtesy Mars Society member Jon Wiley.

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