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If you don't watch Babylon 5 this one will be even more useless than most. Based on a minor plot point in the episode Conflicts of Interest

Zathras, Zathras

ttto: "You say potato, and I say..."

My name... is Zathras, and your name... is Zathras.
His name... is Zathras, and her name... is Zathras.

Zathras... Zathras... It's pre - post'rous.
Ten Zathri are enough.

Zathras... is my name, and Zathras... is your name.
Zathras... is his name, and Zathras... is her name.

My name... Your name... They're not... the same.
Ten Zathri are enough.

lyrics: Copyright 1997, Rich Brown (rmf53@FreeMars.org )

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