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Leslie Fish popularized Kipling's The Dane Geld in the filk community by setting it to her music. Was this necessary? She could have used a pre-existing tune. Here is a modest example...

The Teddy Bears' Dane Geld

Tune: The Teddy Bears' Picnic

If you're invaded by Danes tonight,
You probably will be told,
"We'll leave your country without a fight,
If you will but give us gold."

If you give cash to send 'em away --
They'll get more brash demanding their pay --
And that is what is known as asking for Dane-geld.

It may be tempting to pay the Dane,
But that will not buy relief.
Before you know it he's back again,
A source of incessant grief.

Oh, do you crave to give the Dane gold --
To be a slave -- to do as you're told? --
Well, that is simply known as paying the Dane-geld

Give no temptation to Nordic lands,
Don't lead them to go astray.
Ensure each one of them understands,
Your nation's not easy prey.

So simply state you'll drive 'em away --
Then demonstrate you mean what you say --
And ALWAYS say, "We never pay anyone Dane-geld."

lyrics: Copyright 1998, Rich Brown (rmf53@FreeMars.org )

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