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If I Were A Spammer

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If I were a spammer
I'd clammor in the Newsgroups
I'd yammer in your e-mail,

I'd spam about Green Cards
I'd spam about Phone Sex
I'd spam about Vet Bills For My Little Kitty "Lucky"
'Cause I'd want more - money for me

If I were a zealot
I'd yell it to the Usenet
I'd sell it in my Web page,

I'd tell ya' 'bout Thetans
I'd tell ya' 'bout Aryans
I'd tell ya' 'bout How I Hate The Heathans And The Perverts
'Cause I'd want more - power for me

Well I'm not a spammer
And I'm no zealot
But I'll defend them,

If my choice is Those Guys
Or Exon's "Decency"
I'm stickin' with the Net That Has The Spammers And The Zealots
'Cause I want more - freedom for me

lyrics: Copyright 1996, Rich Brown (rmf53@FreeMars.org )

Creative Commons License My filks are licensed under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike License. If you use my stuff I would appreciate hearing about it.

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