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A Rose

May be sung to The Rose (Amanda McBroom)

Some say blood is an essential to fuel an evil deed.
Some say blood is sacramental in rites of their strange creed.
Some say blood provokes a hunger, an aching urge to feed.
Shedding blood would be a blunder; I do not choose to bleed.

Find the heart and drive a stake in, use the sun to make ‘em toast.
Or else try decapitation, garlic, cross, or holy host.
For those dead who re-awaken, they can not be called alive,
And each soul that’s been forsaken leaves a shell where demons thrive.

Many nights, in cemeteries, stood a slayer, young and strong.
That’s when evil ones were wary, and the wise of them moved on.
We remember her by moonlight (always wearing stylish clothes),
Watching for new things of the night… which she’d kill as they arose.

Lyrics: Copyright 2011, Rich Brown (rmf53@FreeMars.org )

Creative Commons License My filks are licensed under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike License. If you use my stuff I would appreciate hearing about it.

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