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Denver Omelet

May be sung to
“Take Me Home, Country Roads”
(John Denver, Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert)

          G – Em - / D – C G :||
Miskatonic, alma matter,
Where they taught me… what waits under water.
Wakes in R’lyeh, rises from the sea.
Rumble in His belly, locks His eyes on me.

          G – D - / Em – C - / G – D - / C – G -
    Writhing things on His jaws.
    Leathery wings, vicious claws.
    Great Cthulhu; we're his menu.
    Just your odd Elder God.

Howard Lovecraft wrote about ‘em—
Things of evil; who am I to doubt him?
Now Cthulhu wades into the shore
Glistens in the moonshine, this is what’s in store:


          Em D G - / C G E - / Em F C G / D – D7 -
    I hear the voices of His faithful chanting out His name,
    And half my mind is asking myself why the hell’d I stay.
    Gazing at His face I feel my final trace of sanity get stripped away, ripped away.


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