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The Hero Named MacGyver

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The hero named MacGyver,
Makes bombs from Elmer's Glue.
When the bombs blow up, nobody's harmed,
but the villain gets his due.

Oh, the fast'ning of it all,
With tape of silvery hue -
A lens, a wire, a wad of gum,
Will see MacGyver through!

The hero named MacGyver,
Has often saved his life,
His nation, and the planet,
With an old Swiss Army Knife.


The hero named MacGyver,
Has likely memorized all,
Of that educational ditty:
"Black Powder and Alcohol."


1st verse Copyright 2004, Rich Brown ( )
Chorus and remaining verses Copyright 2005, Kate Gladstone (kate at global2000 dot net). Posted here with permission. Thanks, Kate!

Creative Commons License My filks are licensed under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike License. If you use my stuff I would appreciate hearing about it.

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