If you don't watch Babylon 5 this will be a waste of time for you. You might as well go back right now.

(Perhaps the same is true if you do watch it.)

Inspired (?) by: "And Now For a Word"
(watch the episode for the proper mispronounciation.)

The Girl Named Ivanova

ttto: The Girl From Ipanema
(Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Maraes, Norman Gimbel)
(To be sung in the voice of Cynthia Torqueman)

When the Captain's day is over
Who takes command? It's Eye-va-nova
And when she's in command --
She's in C & C

Formally polite but taciturn
Eye-va-nova's got a lot to learn
How to be a great --

I bet you find it ironic when
All those creatures call us alien
I saw Mr. Kosh --
I think he saw me!

Who? What? Where? When? Why? and even How?
I have asked them all -- and I know now
Eye-va-nova smiled --
And held out on me...
She spoke politely...
But much too briefly...
She held out on me...

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