If you don't watch Babylon 5 this will be a waste of time for you. You might as well go back right now.

(Perhaps the same is true if you do watch it.)

We pick up the story at this point:
The station's calm, it's late at night, when Earth Force ships arrive. Twenty-five thousand troops alight - and fill Babylon 5.


ttto: Teen Angel

Ground Pounder,
Ground Pounder,
Ground Pounder,

He sees her at a bar room brawl,
She's defending Delenn.
She says 'hello' 'cuz after all -
                    She knows they'll meet again.

   Ground Pounder -- Garibaldi.
   Do you think...?  We'll just have to see.
   Maybe this could be right.
   They're each all alone in the night.

She wants a meal, a drink or two,
A quick hop in the sack.
He knows that she will soon go through -
                    A suicide attack.

   Ground Pounder -- Garibaldi.
   An odd pair -- can this really be?
   She wants a night of fun.
   He wonders if she'll be the one.

She digs latrines -- and wades in gore --
She needs to feel alive.
He wonders if there's something more -
                    And hopes that she'll survive.

   Ground Pounder -- Garibaldi.
   We're hoping -- can it really be?
   If she lives through this fight,
   They'll pick up where they were that night.

They barely met -- they'd only kissed.
She left for the attack.
He'll always wonder what he missed -
                    She's never coming back.

   Ground Pounder -- Garibaldi
   We all knew -- it could never be.
   Romance and war can't mix
   When Earth starts playing politics.

Ground Pounder -
Ground Pounder -

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