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Recently I was at a Rise Up Singing singalong where we did Song of Peace. “Great tune,” I thought, “but perhaps a bit too —you know— sincere.” On the other hand… why stop at just half way?

parody of Song of Peace (Finlandia)
lyrics: Lloyd Stone - music: Jean Sibelius
Troppo ardentemente new lyrics: Rich Brown

This is my song in praise of MY CONVENTION,
It is the con I wait for through the year.
Her program tracks, the dealer's room and art show,
Her masquerade, the music that I hear.
But other fans for other cons are waiting.
They love those cons as I do mine, it's clear.

The consuite at MY CON has conversation.
Her party rooms serve potions strong and queer.
But other cons have singing, too, and consuites,
And parties elsewhere flow with blog and bheer.
I'll sing this song in praise of MY CONVENTION,
At every con I go to through the year.

Lyrics: Copyright 2007, Rich Brown (rmf53@FreeMars.org )

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