Cthulhu Walks Dandelion Back to: Some So-Called Music

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Cthulhu Walks

May be sung to
“Walking In A Winter Wonderland”
Felix Bernard, 1934
(Lyrics by Richard B. Smith)

Hear the chants – Tekeli-li
Not a chance – daybreak we’ll see
    I’m quaking in fright
    He’s waking tonight
It’s the night Cthulhu walks the land

All your pray-ing is futile
‘Cause His slay-ing is brutal
    The stars are aligned
    I’m losing my mind
It’s the night Cthulhu walks the land

      Has a face that’s sure to drive you crazy
      Just a glance will leave you gibberin’
      See Him lock you in His evil gaze, see
      Little bits of human on His chin.

Before dawn, we’ll expire
Than He’ll yawn, and retire
    The humans are gone
    Cthulhu lives on
It’s the night Cthulhu walks the land

Lyrics: Copyright 2009, Rich Brown (rmf53@FreeMars.org )

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