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Black Choppers in the Sky

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They've got a flying saucer at a secret Air Force base,
There is a clone in Washington with William Rehnquist's face.
Jack Kennedy had learned the truth; that's why he had to die.
And every night, another flight...
...Black choppers in the sky.

Par-a-noi-yay. Par-a-noi-aye.
Black choppers in the sky.

The President is not the guy the populace elects.
Those so-called "lunar landings" were just Hollywood effects.
They're pumping oil into the ground to limit the supply.
Will CNN have news at 10?... [shake head 'no']
...Black choppers in the sky.

They have a drug that they can use to hypnotize your cat.
Their satellites can't track you if you wear your tin-foil hat.
There's fluoride in our water now, and no one's asking why.
They hang around the edge of town...
...Black choppers in the sky.

Par-a-noi-yay. Par-a-noi-aye.
Black choppers in the sky.

They gave G.M. the patent on a water-powered car.
The Army has an alien all pickled in a jar.
If you resist they'll wipe your brain, so best not even try.
They fly, these days, in blue berets...
...Black choppers in the sky.

Your favorite park has glowing fuel rods burried underneath.
We all have secret mind-control receivers in our teeth.
That van that's parked just down my street with all its antenn-i;
And you know who they're talking to...
...Black choppers in the sky.

Par-a-noi-yay. Par-a-noi-aye.
Black choppers in the sky.

The Army has a cam'ra that can see right through your walls.
A T & T gives N S A a tap on all our calls.
And M I 5 is in on it (according to some guy).
They're after you; you know it's true...
...Black choppers in the sky.

The Governm'nt is cooking up some fresh conspiracies,
Like Carnivore and PATRIOT and National I.D.s
Now half our world is paranoid, and no one more than I.
And you can see what frightens me:...
...It is the F.B.I.

Par-a-noi-yay. Paranoid, I!
Dick Cheney and the F.B.I.

Here's an additional verse suggested by ShadowWalker/Ron from Stick it where you will:

A secret gov-ern-ment is now clandestinely in place.
Elvis is alive but far away in outer space.
Majestic hides the UFO's we shot down from on high,
The men in black are at your back...
...Black choppers in the sky.

Lyrics: Copyright 2005 & 2008, Rich Brown ( )

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