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Bonnie Lassie

ttto: “Wild Mountain Thyme” (trad)

There once was a little boy,
Who, through accident or folly
Found himself in danger dire -
Then he’d turn and tell his collie ...

Will you go, Lassie, go,
And have mom fetch a ladder,
For I’m stuck in this mine;
I’m afraid that snake’s an adder -
Will you go, Lassie, go?

So his mom came on the run,
But her legs - alas - got busted,
When she slipped on that long climb,
So the dog once more was trusted ...

Will you go, Lassie, go,
For I feel an earthquake rumbling!
Although things could still be fine,
If the old dam stops its crumbing -
Will you go, Lassie, go?

Lassie scaled the fire tower ...
To the mountain’s top she’d skitter ...
Warned us all - in yips and whines ...
Raised her puppies by the litter ...

Will you go, Lassie, go,
Into re-runs forever,
With that child she’s entwined
In a bond that time can’t sever -
Will you go, Lassie, go?
That’s the old Lassie show ...
Kind of maudlin, I must warn ya’,
On at nine mountain time,
Or at eight in California -
Will you go, Lassie, go?

lyrics: Copyright 2018 Rich Brown ( )

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