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(Stand Alone Programs Loanable to Teachers)

1) "The Space Shuttle" 40 slides with audio tape (1980)
   Level: High School
   Time: 20 minutes

2) "The Space Shuttle II" 40 slides with audio tape (1982)
   Level: High School
   Time: 15 minutes

3) "The Return of Halley's Comet" 40 slides with audio tape (1986)
   Level: grades 4-9
   Time: 16 minutes

4) "Opportunities in Space" 43 slides with audio tape. Rockwell International's hopes for Space Industrialization (1980)
   Level: Post Secondary Technical
   Time: 20 minutes

5) "The ET Torus" 72 slides with audio tape, SHDA's 1981 program on the Shuttle's External Tank reused as a Space Station
   Level: Post Secondary Technical
   Time: 37 minutes with 20 min. Q & A
   (tape must be fliped at 30 min.)

6) "The Viking Mission to Mars" 40 slides with audio tape, The Highlights of the 1976 NASA mission to the planet Mars.
   Level: Jr. & Sr. High School
   Time: 25 minutes

We hope to have more programs soon as well as videos!

These Programs are also available for other grade levels when accompanied by a live speaker.

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