Welcome to the MN State Fair 1998 Space Display

Here is a few pics of the NASA ISS, Frontier Communications, MN Space Frontier Society and MN Mars Society Display that was there.

North East Enterance to the Fair Grounds.

South Enterance to the Technology Building

The display booth area.

Setting out MORE handouts...

Learning to fly the MMU around the station...

The MN Space Frontier Society / MN Mars Society Area...

One of a bizillion drivers of the Mars Rover....
Note: my Mir Model hanging in the Upper right corner over the Mir Docking simulator

More Rover drivers....
We went through 4 sets of batteries.

Posing in a space suit

to make pictures like this...

Standing in line to meet a 'real' astronaut.

MN native Astronaut Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper signs away...

Shiela Bass explains the workings of a shuttle computer.

Checking out an old Mission Control Console.

Well that was intresting... Now to find some food on a stick...

So when will space station be 'on orbit'?

Don't Hold your breath....

Well... its done for another year...

1,689,034 people came to the MN State fair and it feels like EVERY one
of them stopped by and visited the NASA, MN SFS, Mars Society, Frontier Comm.

I was able to help staff  for 11 of the 12 days of the fair...missed a day due to a broken fuel pump on my car.

A big hit was my Mars Rover.  It went through 4 sets of batteries... and had to be 'rebuilt' a time or two... but its doing fine now.

A flyer of the Mars Declaration was passed out as well as a flyer for Ben's Space Pages and STS-95 Crew pic...

MN SFS also passed out, on the last day, certificates to  those who sucessfully landed the space shuttle or docked with Mir.

Maybe I should apply for (Certified Flight Instructor) CFI rating... I was able to get about 1/3 of my trainees to land the shuttle without crashing... some as young as 5...  Some crashes were intentional... and everybody was able to walk  away afterwards, the standard test of a good landing... well there was this 'one' guy... but then he wasn't walking 'before'
the sim either...  Yes, the display was wheel chair accessable.

I was asked to pass on thanks from:
  James (BIG GYM) Dean,
  Shiela Bass,
  Sharron Hosea,
  Charles Hairell,
  William Bennet and
  Grace Martinez.

who work at the ISS outreach dept. to
Rich Brown and Jim Cran
who also helped staff the booth.

The booth was also staffed by some non-MN SFS staff too...
a handful from Frontier Communications and others including James Cullum
from MarsCon.

MN SFS got a bunch of ISS pics to pass out at future events...

Those who helped out got a few 'nice' trinkets for their efforts.
pins, posters, patches, signed pics etc...

and I got a very nice signed print of ISS...

Thanks guys...

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