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MN Space Week '95

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MN Spaceweek '95 was held at the Minneapolis Planetarium Heritage Hall.
It was Co-chaired by Rich Brown and Jeff Root.

Welcome to MN Spaceweek '95
STS-70 Real Time Display
What do YOU weigh on the Sun?
Masking tape circles show sizes of Space Capsules
Space Photos of the Past
Space Photos of the Present
Space Photos of the Future
Tape shows Shuttle Mid Deck space
STS-71 Display Panel
Russian Space Display
American Spacecraft Models
Try on our MMU
Meteorites and Simulated Moon Rocks from Duluth
Future Rockets
Shuttle-C, MMU, ET Tank sample, ACRV and Delta Clipper Models
Try our Interactive Computers
Read all about Apollo 13
Read More About it
Toys in Space
Patchs and Joysticks
See yourself on the moon
MN Spaceweek@ Mpls Planetarium (July 13-23) by Rich

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Last Updated: Aug 11, 1995